The Reflection Group”EU and Cultural Heritage” gathers cultural heritage policy experts, appointed by national heritage authorities from the EU and EEA Member States, in an informal network that plays a proactive and coordinating role in cultural heritage promotion and historic environment preservation.

The Reflection Group raises awareness on the value of cultural heritage and its potential for EU policy development. The Group reflects on how the specific objectives of cultural heritage policy can be achieved when cultural heritage is used as resource for promoting other EU-policy objectives. Furthermore the Group brings cultural heritage at a higher political level under the rotating Presidencies of the Council of the European Union working in close collaboration with all stakeholders (public, private, civil society organisations).

The vision of the Reflection Group involves putting into practice the legal framework, in particular articles 3.3 TEU and 167.4 TFEU of the Lisbon Treaty. All the policy fields of the EU are aware of the transversal dimension of cultural heritage and take into account cultural heritage in their decision making processes. The potential of cultural heritage is better incorporated in the general policy of the EU in order to achieve sustainable and optimal management, preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage in Europe.

The Reflection Group was established following the Declaration of Bruges. Hop Over To These Guys help with essay.